Current Situation

Due to Covid-19 and the restrictions placed on small businesses, LTPCafe is currently closed to walk-in play. We are currently only open to 12 or less people in the cafe. You can sign up for a designated play spot here:  

July 27-31 PLAY SIGN UP

We ARE OPEN for carry out coffee drinks and have been selling more retail items to help cover the costs of our closing. 

We would love to have your support during this time so that we can open as soon as we are able to for your families.


1.  Stop in for a drink 

2. Purchase an item from our retail site:

or purchase an item from one of these three fundraisers set up by local moms 

Usborne Books Cards for a Cause

T-shirts from Sara Hickman Designs

Leggings from Lularoe with Lauren Hart